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Whether you or your loved one is encountering the natural decrease in mobility that occurs with the passing of time, or deals with an illness-related lack of physical agility, a stair lift can be the ideal way to put you in charge of your home again. Regardless of the shape or make of your living accommodation, this is your special place in the world, representing a personal space in which you can feel safe and nurtured. If negotiating this space has become more fearful than friendly, then the installation of a stair lift might just help you feel at home once more. Those of us without mobility issues can easily take the ease with which we can ascend our stairs for granted.
A two or three storey house is the ideal way to maximise the piece of earth on which our home sits, but for older or infirm people, this layout is far from practical. As people age, many will choose to move to a single storey home, but for many more, financial or other issues render this choice impracticable. Whether it is money or perhaps the reluctance to leave a cherished family home that holds you back, with the installation of stair lift you can stay put without losing the freedom of your home. If money is a concern, it is wise to shop around before committing to any particular stair lift provider. Because of the nature of the product, the lift will be bespoke to your situation, so fitters will have to visit your home in order to give you an accurate quote.
Many companies offer a free estimate without any further obligation, so locate a number of these and compare the prices you are offered. Though your choice of stair lift will partly be dictated by the size and type of staircase in your home, there are many other features that you can select or decline according to your personal taste. To allow you secure a more accurate picture of what is appropriate for you, many companies offer a trial service, which allows you to test a unit that has been installed near your home. Ask whether this service is provided before committing to any particular stair lift vendor.

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